This is in response to the letter to the editor by my friend Don Carmichael ("Dude, shut up and trust me," June 9). Don’s writing style is difficult to decipher but I believe I know him well enough to make my way through it. Let me be clear to those who will wonder: I am a non-religious person.

Don makes the preposterous statement, “wannabe gods with Ph.D’s to prove their self-proclaimed deity.” What does having a Ph.D. have to do with religion? I have known many holders of Ph.Ds and none of them ever expressed a wish to be any kind of god.

I have no argument with people believing whatever they want to believe, just as long as they do no harm and do not try to force their beliefs onto others. A good example would be school boards in southern states trying to force public schools to teach a creationist theory of evolution which has no basis in reality (read science).

Religious folks like Don need to face the reality that with the passage of time, the percentage of non-believers in America has grown steadily and therefore likely continue to do so at an ever-increasing rate. A 2018 Brigham Young University American Family Survey found “just 43 percent of Americans viewed religion as a core component of their identity.” That means 57 percent do not. 

Don’s statement that “indeed life in a single cell is infinitely beyond human explanation” is another inaccuracy. Scientific research has made huge progress in this area, as well as almost every other previously unfathomable mystery of life. And it will continue.

Finally, Don’s poorest advice is his last: “Dude, shut up and trust me.” Well, a guy named Albert Einstein said the important thing is to not stop questioning.

Rudy Reed, Decatur

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