(An email I sent to Michael Reagan submitted as an open letter.)

Dear Mr. Reagan,

I seldom if ever write to columnists. However, lately I have become very disappointed in your column. Just so you know where I am coming from, I am left leaning in my politics. However I like to read all the editorial columns in my local newspaper in order to get a broader perspective.

My paper prints columns from a variety of writers. Your column appears at least once every week. My concern is that your column seems to have devolved into just a rant against Democrats and liberals. I find it more helpful when you try to point out the positive things conservative politicians are doing or to write about an issue by pointing out facts that might have been ignored. In short real analysis.

Lately you have only focused on the hate that you feel Democrats and liberals have with Trump. I really think your father, Ronald Reagan, would be disappointed in what you are writing. One of the great qualities of your father was his gregarious and warm approach to all people regardless of their political persuasions. He was also a man with a strong moral center.

Trump, on the other hand, has an ugly boorish personality which seeks to only retaliate against those who politically differ. He divides people, your father brought people together. Trump is amoral with no moral center. When you combine his lack of character with my disagreement with most of his policies, there is not much to like.

In conclusion, I would like to see you return to analysis and less ranting about Democrats and liberals. I fear you have succumbed to pandering after Trump's base to sell your column, which is sad in so many ways. 

Mark Schleeter, Decatur

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