LETTER: Progressives have no respect

LETTER: Progressives have no respect

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Through much of my professional career spanning the early 1970s into the first years of this century I toiled as family caseworker for abused and neglected children who often were the progeny of dysfunctional parents. To be fair, these dysfunctional parents were themselves often the progeny of dysfunctional parents, and so it continues unabated.

Why? Today's increasingly frightening social and family disintegration illustrates, in my opinion, society's violation of immutable natural law of supply and demand. Beginning in mid-1960s, President Lyndon Johnson's "war on poverty" would extend across future generations. As public policy, federal, state and local governments increasingly distributed "free money" and in-kind subsidies to many of America's most irresponsible citizens for simply birthing children whom they predictably proved incapable of adequate parenting.

It wasn't rocket science, we Americans simply got what we paid for!

By 2020, generations of these innocent children were virtually destroyed during their first five years of life by hopelessly inadequate parents. Inevitably this unfair and unmanageable social burden contributed to the failure of many of our social institutions, including and especially public schools.

In letters to the editor I've explained how our selfish and myopic exploitation of limited and finite natural resources -- in Decatur, public and private properties devoted exclusively to chemically-toxic grass lawns -- is helping destroy Mother Nature's ecosystems that all life depends.

Ditto to the ongoing destruction of America's traditional and irreplaceable social institutions, including and especially our God-given mother and father intact families to rear responsible, well-adjusted children. Indeed, beware of "progressive" federal, state and local politicians' well-intended policies, including increasingly confiscatory taxation and especially the redefinition of marriage.

Alas, "progressive" policy makers have little respect for God's jurisdiction, never mind Mother Nature's natural law of supply and demand that helps maintain our vast physical universe even down to our smallest personal affairs.

   Don Carmichael, Decatur


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