LETTER: Promises aren't being kept

LETTER: Promises aren't being kept

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It has always amazed me how the people of Illinois complain about financial and tax problems but every time elections come around they vote for the same people. Expecting different results and getting the same thing again. How many hear promises that are never kept and how terrible a person is? One problem we have in this state is voter fraud and the media lets you only know what they want you to know and many are prone to accept this as the only truth.

Our last election promises were made. Now we have higher taxes and rise in gasoline taxes. Registration of vehicles has almost doubled for 2020. My vehicle will cost me $180 for this year, instead of $108. It was said this money would go to repair roads and infrastructure. Retirement accounts for downstate will be united with upstate accounts. The last I was aware of, that account was far in debt to cover its retirees (no wonder the people upstate wanted to merge). Now they can use this money to bail themselves out.

It has been almost a year now since elections the roads are still a mess. Along Route 121 between Lincoln and Decatur has been fixed two years ago at a large price. Now it is already falling apart. Every day road crews are patching holes only to have the patch thrown out by semitrucks and cars soon after they are fixed.

Harry Bleavins, Mount Pulaski


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