LETTER: Replace hate with faith and hope

LETTER: Replace hate with faith and hope

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Today many are against President Trump because of his imperfections but likewise don’t we all have. I cannot tell someone of their unrighteous according to me. But I can tell all the glory of Jesus Christ and the church that he is.

Apostle Paul said in Christ I’m a new man but the old man wants to hang around. Also there’s part of me that wants to do what’s right and otherwise Paul’s imperfections in Christ. But in Jesus, Paul persevered and gained a crown of glory.

Jesus gave his all into death on the cross to help cover our sins, imperfections.

Hate and envy, there is no medical cure. It will destroy you and those around you.

Today our country is divided one half of decency, the other half of indecency. When indecency overpowers that is decent, with over 200 million guns on the street, beware. Jesus said a kingdom divided will fall. This could surpass all the civil wars of history.

God detests abomination. It came into our society in the past eight years of the last administration. They want to hold on to it, tainting holy matrimony, God-given gender and the destruction of children and out of the womb, spreading hate and envy even in senior citizens in the autumn of their lives.

Climate change is a physical matter but attitude is both physical and spiritual matters that count. Why not replace hate and envy with faith, hope and charity?

Ford Lewis, Decatur


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