LOL reading my buddy Rudy Reed's letter to the editor ("Non-believers are growing," June 16) that critiques my letter to the editor ("Dude, shut up and trust me," June 9).

Rudy opines, "Don's reading is difficult to decipher...." Maybe for grammar school children, Rudy, but a University of Illinois graduate shouldn't be stymied by standard English.  

Rudy also challenges my "preposterous" suggestion that some life scientists strike poses as "wannabe gods with PhDs to prove their self-proclaimed deity." Of course not all scientists have a "god complex," many are Christians serving God in their chosen profession. I'm referring to those presumptuous wannabes who recklessly chatter that sooner rather than later "life" will be created in chemistry laboratories.

The typical university science textbook explains the origin of life something like this: 4.5 billion years ago (give or take a month) a primordial bowl of sea soup spiced with red-hot chili peppers was inadvertently struck by lightning. Voila! A conveniently self-replicating living cell began to multiply like rabbits to eventually evolve into Boris Karloff of Frankenstein fame in Hollywood's masterpiece of science fiction.

The operative words here are "science fiction." The statistical odds of life being a cosmic accident are nil, Rudy; I suggest you practice what you preach in your letter and "read science".

Finally, my friend cites polls claiming that personal faith in Christ is disappearing (ask Hillary Clinton about polls). Indeed, many progressives dearly hope to see the end of our Christian faith which has blessed America abundantly. Alas, their own "if it feels good do it" libertine faith is shamed and constrained by Judeo/Christian morality inherent in traditional American values.

Jesus loves you, Rudy, and saves you when you heed His paraphrased New Testament admonition, "Dude, shut up and trust me." 

Don Carmichael, Decatur

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