Finally someone wrote a letter to the editor regarding the closing of Scovill Golf Course ("Closing Scovill was closing a treasure," March 7).

I’m really disappointed that it had to come from someone who doesn’t live here anymore, but at least Stephanie Madix knows how special the course was and what a travesty it was to close it.

My brother Richie was the pro there from 1965-1975 and I along with a few of my family members also learned to play this wonderful game at that beautiful place. We loved it and nurtured it so much back then that we practically lived there and made many friends and acquaintances during that time.

Which is why I can’t believe that none of the local golfers seem to be upset about its closing. I managed the course the last 10 years it was open and when we had people come here with the Stay and Play packages I would ask them how they liked the courses, the most common response was that the other two courses were OK but Scovill was really special and they wished they had it in their hometown. It was designed by the same man who designed numerous famous courses including Medinah CC in Chicago.

I am truly disappointed in the park board that after all the hard work my brother and the other golf professionals in town did to promote and nurture the game and the beautiful courses we had here that they couldn’t do anything to save even one of them.

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of our family to say thank you to all of our loyal customers we had over the years at whatever course we were at. Please don’t let all that hard work go for nothing. Voice your opinions.

Joe Hammel, Decatur

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