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I enjoyed reading the article in Sunday's paper on B1 ("Best economic policy for workers," Feb. 3) even though I don't agree with what was said by both persons in its entirety.

It does show that there are people on both sides that mean well. But the main point that I see is that both sides need to move to the center but the parties need to change their basic platforms immediately and start doing their jobs of representing the people on all levels of government.

Both parties need to work together to help the citizens of our country and quit giving more rights and money to the immigrants that want to come to our country for nothing or illegally. We have rules and requirements to meet so that people who want to live and work in our country so either strengthen them and enforce them.

Having been to South and Central America I have seen their people in most cases are decent and hard-working people. They need to clean up their governments and politicians so they can live in their own countries safely.

What happened to the requirement that the people wanting to come to our country have sponsors and the sponsors are responsible for their actions and assistance to live instead of our taxpayers? We have enough freeloaders in our country so we don't need more unless the rich want to help them (which will not happen because of greediness and power-grabbing people).

For once, you have really provided an editorial without much political bashing and honest beliefs.

Paul W. Conlin II, Decatur

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