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LETTER: Teaching more people all lives matter
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LETTER: Teaching more people all lives matter

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We have heard you my African-American friends. Please be reminded that there are millions of white folks who are Christians and who their neighbors as themselves. We have known that Black lives matter forever.

Our present need is to reach the part of our population who are racist. Most of this group are those who have grown up with the stars and bars pounded into their heads since birth. Also the “Boss Hog” politicians and so on.

I hate the term “systemic racism.” It implies that we and all that we do is racist. Not so.

For the matter of protests in the streets, Dr. Martin Luther King fought for, worked for and established our right to demonstrate against wrongful lalos practice and ideals. I feel sure that it was never his intent to march in the streets each time a grand jury or jury decisions came down that we do not like, we would or should take to the streets. He certainly would never have accepted the looting, fires or other violence. Dr. King said “If you respond to violence with violence, you lose.”

I believe that protest at the current level have reached the point where they are showing to those who are racist that Black are different as we believed all along. Maybe doing hurt to the movement for equal justice. Perhaps it is time to take a breather.

Most communities are working to improve law enforcement tactics and training. Also to weed out those who are racist.

God bless you all. All lives matter.

Bob Long, Mount Zion


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