LETTER: Thankful for Heritage's services

LETTER: Thankful for Heritage's services

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Jeffrey Sams wants Heritage to move (“Facility should move from downtown,” Dec.13). 

Something bad has happened to Mr. Sams. You've shown your prejudice and lack of empathy for mentally ill citizens. Your lack of understanding for those in need of treatment is offensive. "The taxpayers of Decatur do not feel safe when large deposit of people congregated on the sidewalk." Seems to be no problem if it's in front of your business during Christmas walk weeks or during the Decatur Celebration.

Heritage clients are seeking treatment just like those seeking hospital treatment for physical injuries. They are to be applauded and encouraged for seeking help to change their lives. Our mentally ill population is a diverse group coming from all walks of life. Surprise, Mr. Sams, mental illness affects taxpayers too. 

Mr. Sams is asking the people who can start the process for a new home to please start looking. Mr. Sams I'd like to know who these people are willing to discriminate the mentally ill and the agencies that serve them by forcing to move. 

I do thank Heritage for the services they provide. I know many from all walks of life that have received care and services that transformed lives. We are all safer and better off because of their services. 

I pray you come to the realization that helping those who suffer with mental illness is more of a community priority and necessity than your view on the way to dinner. Your attitude goes against Decatur's reputation as a caring and charitable community and that's bad for all of us. 

Laura Meyer, Decatur


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