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J.B. Pritzker’s ad saying Gov. Rauner is a failure is typical Democrat lying to get an edge. What the Democrats are not saying, and the media is not emphasizing, Rauner received little cooperation from Madigan and the Democrat-controlled legislature.

Pritzker wants to raise taxes on the “rich”. He does not state what the income break point would be other than to say the poor and middle class would be exempt.

Pritzker doesn't say how he will keep the rich and businesses from leaving the state because of the increased taxes.

Pritzker doesn’t say how his increasing taxes will encourage the rich and businesses to move to Illinois.

Pritzker doesn’t offer, spending cuts or a hiring freeze.

Pritzker uses the worn-out promise that the new taxes would go to education. He doesn’t state what aspect of education would receive new funding

Gov. Rauner’s efforts to control spending , to consolidate Governmental units with overlapping responsibilities, and to stabilize the State’s pension system were all blocked by Madigan and the Democrats.

In reality, Madigan, and the Chicago Democrat machine run Illinois. A Gov. Pritzker would be expected to do whatever Madigan and the Chicago machine wanted. If that resulted in a greater debt, a greater exodus of Illinois citizens from Illinois, a greater economic segregation in Chicago and expanded gang violence, these politicians would see such results as collateral damage.

Robert Mooth, Decatur

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