Don't be fooled, folks

Governor Pritzer says only people who make over $250,000 earnings will see a tax increase ... LOL.

His own proposal shows that only those who make $5,000 will not see an increase, that will stay at the rate of today of 4.75 percent. Those who make $75,000 to $90,000 will pay a rate of 4.88 percent plus and those who make up to $250,000 will pay a rate of 4.92 percent.

Now, who will not have an increase, ... hmmm? Everyone who is paying state tax now. These rates are from his official "fair income tax" electronic page.

If there is any doubt who will bear the brunt of the tax increases, do you think all of the exemptions that the high earners get will be removed? No, they will still be there and the middle wage earners will pay while the rich will still have their lobbyist requested exemptions they have paid for.

Another one of the fabrications is the new gas tax. Any new tax will go to the same place the previous gas taxes have gone — not to the road fund. They have always had funds, but the state has always raided those funds for any purpose they need money for, then replacing them with IOU's that are worthless. Will that happen this time? You bet your booty it will.

The people at the state house only know how to spend, never to cut or reduce outmoded or ineffective programs, so don't expect any different actions now.

Ralph G. Johnson, Decatur

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