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I am writing to strongly protest the closing of the Fairview Plaza Kroger store in Decatur.

This store not only has well served the general population, it also is the most convenient store for many elderly and poor residents who walk or ride the bus to the store.

The reason given for closing the store was that it was not making a profit. As a person who has spent some time managing a grocery store, I find this to be very hard to believe.

First of all, the store had a strong shopping clientele and was always busy. If the store was failing to show a profit, there were obvious steps which should have been taken before the drastic action of closing the store.

There was no reason for the store to be open 24 hours. The notion of being open 24 hours to serve the needs of all workers would have been appropriate in 1970, but not today.

Money could have been saved by closing the store at 10 p.m. and this wouldn't have had a dramatic effect on shoppers. It also would have reduced shoplifting opportunities, which I gather were a problem during the overnight hours.

Why not try this first before closing the store? Jumping from doing nothing to closing the store is reflective of a mentality that is similar to saying we encounter a little skirmish with another country so let's hit them with a nuclear bomb.

This action is more reflective of poor onsite and poor corporate management rather than a lack of business. Do the right thing for the community and keep the store open until 10 p.m., put the store under sound management and work with the community with whatever other problems you may be having. 

Richard Virgin, Decatur

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