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There is a documentary that has been shown in Decatur several times titled “Racial Taboo.”

Content of the video will be new for some and all too familiar for others. The title refers to the fact that “race” is one of those uncomfortable topics that we generally avoid talking about.

As a requirement for showing the video, there are immediate small group conversations and the opportunity for continuing conversations.

It is very hard to have meaningful conversation about “race” because those conversations are so painful. But meaningful conversations are one of the ways in which we can connect with each other as human beings, which is necessary if we are to achieve permanent solutions to the issues of equality and justice.

Meaningful conversations are not meant to be adversarial nor are they about personal agendas or the airing of grievances.

The racial taboo initiative is not about starting another organization that will somehow magically save the world nor is it meant to replace other organizations and efforts that are already working for justice.

What it is about is listening honestly and respectfully and speaking honestly and respectfully. It is about seeing each other as human beings. It is about gaining the insight and understanding that will empower us to better respond when faced with real life issues of injustice.

Information about current ongoing conversations can be found on the Decatur Public Library website or by calling the library. It is hoped that there will soon be an additional public showing of the video and additional continuing conversations.

Talking about “race” must be important, otherwise it wouldn’t be so hard to do.

David Draves, Decatur


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