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LETTER: Trump act the only evidence of treason
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LETTER: Trump act the only evidence of treason

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I was saddened to read the letter from my good friend Don Carmichael ("The faithful retain their hope," Feb. 5). Alas, it appears he’s sunken deeper into the apparently bottomless Trump cult pit. I’m specifically referring to the cult’s baseless claims of widespread voter fraud.

Don conveniently failed to mention that Trump filed 62 election fraud lawsuits. The result: he lost 61 of them. The Trump lawyers lost because they presented no evidence to back up their empty claims. The reason was because there wasn’t any fraud. That was the finding of Trump’s own Department of Justice, headed by Trump loyalist William Barr.

In attacking folks who opposed Trump, Don tosses around terms like ‘demonic,’ ‘psychopathic’ and ‘treasonous.’ The only evidence of a treasonous act came from Trump and his cult members who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. As of Jan. 28, 400 suspects have been identified and 135 arrested. Addressing the rioters, Trump can be seen on video saying “fight like hell!” His cult rioters did just that. Five people have died as a result. Clearly Trump committed a ‘treasonous act.’  

Don characterized the Democratic Party as ‘psychopathic.’ Psychopathy is a complex and potentially dangerous of mental illness. It is never used to describe any group. Like all mental illnesses, it is merely a label for describing a person’s thoughts, feelings and actions. Two volumes of books—“The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump”—were written by a group of more than 40 distinguished psychiatrists and psychologists. Trump was diagnosed as an “extreme narcissistic personality disorder.” So, if there’s a psychopathic to be derided, it’s Trump, not his critics.

Finally, as he usually does, Don dragged to bring religion into his letter. While I respect his religious beliefs, I would strongly suggest religion be kept out of any discussion of governmental matters, in accordance with Supreme Court rulings.

Rudy Reed, Decatur


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