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It is past due time to replace Leonard Pitts Jr. as a journalist in your paper.

I have lived all over the U.S. in my life. This man is the most racist I have ever seen in this country. He has to be a die-hard Democrat the way he is cutting down every person that is not a Democrat.

As for the right to vote, it is a constitutional right for U.S. citizens. The main reason laws have been passed by legislation for IDs with people's pictures on them is to protect illegal persons from voting. Democrats want every illegal person to vote almost everywhere in this country.

There is no excuse for citizens to get a picture identification card for many reasons. They are either free or a very minimal cost. These people are just plain lazy. Having clerks to purge voting records of people who have not voted for a long time because many have moved away.

All these people who complain should just shut up. There are good Republicans and Democrats. When people vote, they should not have to vote for only one party candidates. This is why many people are moving away and/or voting for independent candidates or third-party candidates.

We are tired of the elected officials who do not represent the people in their districts, states and federal government elections. Illinois is one of the worst-governed states in the U.S. because it's not the governor who's running this state, it's Michael Madigan who is. He needs to be replaced because he doesn't care about our citizens and is totally out of touch with taxpayers.

Paul W. Conlin II

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