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LETTER: Voting against Fair Tax Amendment

LETTER: Voting against Fair Tax Amendment

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I have been watching and listening to all the ads for and against the upcoming Fair Tax Amendment vote and have been doing some thinking about it. As I look at it, I feel a need to do a little math about what I am hearing. The math I will do I will try to keep it simple so the politicians in Springfield might understand it.

Let's say the current tax rate is 10%, example only as I'd hate to give them any ideas, and say someone makes $1 million. They will pay $100,000. If someone makes $10,000, at 10% they will pay $1,000.

Now could someone explain to me how under the flat tax the rich person isn't paying more. Must be the new math they are teaching in the schools. It seems kind of fishy to me.

On another note, why is there such a big stink being made over a billionaire making a $20 million donation of his own money against the amendment. I heard nary a whimper when another billionaire, Gov Pritzker, donated over $50,000,000 of his own money supporting the amendment. Appears to be a double standard here.

As a taxpayer I will wait to see if anyone can explain this to me and until then I am voting no.

 Daniel Sebok, Decatur


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