LETTER: We're overreacting to COVID-19

LETTER: We're overreacting to COVID-19

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Jay Brown

Facts: Past pandemics in the U.S.:

1. In 1957, U.S. pandemic of Asian flu, H2N2 strain of Influenza A:

a. 116,000 deaths in U.S. due to H2N2 (CDC).

b. U.S. population was 172 miilion in 1957.

c. Thus, 674 deaths due to virus per million population.

d. Little economic setback and no complete shutdown of economy and no general public panic with all industries and schools open.

2. In 1968, U.S. pandemic of Hong Kong flu, another strain of Influenza A, H3N2

a. 100,000 deaths in U.S. due to H3N2 (CDC)

b. U.S. Population was 201,000,000 in 1968

c. Thus, 497 deaths due to virus per million population

d. Again, little economic impact, no complete shutdown and no public panic

3. Today U.S. experiencing an outbreak of COVID-19, a virus causing respiratory disease

a. YTD, U.S. has 80,000+ deaths “associated” with COVID-19 (although CDC lists only 49,000+ deaths “due to” COVID-19)

b. U.S. Population today is 331,000,000

c. Thus, 241 deaths due to virus per million population

d. So, why do we now have 33 million-plus unemployed due to a government mandated economic shutdown with businesses and schools closed, and the general public scared out of their wits (masks, mandatory distancing, etc.)?

Why are our political leaders (and for sure whenever a politician says they are relying on the health experts, they mean the political health experts because nothing in the historical data would lead any medical person to recommend the drastic measures since today’s death rates are only about one-third of that of 1957) doing all these drastic shutdown measures and cause this panic when the severity of this disease? We critical-thinking citizens must become centrally involved in immediately and fully reverse this shutdown rapidly before it is too late. 

Jay Brown, Blue Mound


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