LETTER: You can still put others at risk

LETTER: You can still put others at risk

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I've been watching television and seeing all the trouble this virus is causing in our cities, states of this country and the world. It is very troublesome.

I remember my mother talking about living through the Great Depression, when my dad lost his job just before I was born. I came home to a four-room house with my sister, brother, and grandfather there too.

It was a very hard time. I know there are a lot of people going through some very hard times now. I know the worries that everyone is having now. It is hard to see what is on the other side of the hill that seems like a mountain. People are second guessing themselves and I understand that. 

What I don't understand is when our leading doctors tell us to stay home. We have national government officials, some states, county or city officials that disregard the health officials and plan on opening before time is very, very foolish. 

The only way I can say it is this. Let's just say that maybe you feel like you have a little fever and a small cough but you have a chance to go to your church service. You go to church, enjoy the service but when you get home you are sicker. You end up at the hospital. Now you find out you have the virus. 

Now think of how many people you have infected and maybe one of them dies, maybe it is a friend. How do you feel about exposing your friend and they die? How would you feel that you may have caused this friend to die? Think about it. You see it has already happened at a church in the Washington. It could happen here too. Think about it. 

Jan Martinie, Decatur


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