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Not standing for anthem is un-American

Enough already!

This business of football players kneeling during our national anthem is totally un-American.

We read that some feel it is OK, freedom of speech, or simply a preference. Your own Mark Tupper says it is a “matter of preference.”


The only preference is to live in America or not. It is certainly a choice to play pro football for thousands of dollars or not.

As Americans, we stand for “The Star Spangled Banner,” period.

I am urging everyone to boycott the NFL. Do not attend games, do not watch on TV and do not buy the products of companies who sponsor them. If you accept the quote of the NFL commissioner that he “can do nothing,” you must live in a cave.

For years the NFL office has controlled advertising, drugs, domestic abuse and a dozen other players’ lives. Let’s hurt them in their pocketbooks until they all stand up.

Bob Long, Mount Zion

Celebration fence promotes longevity

This past summer I attended the Decatur Celebration for the first time in many years. Immediately, I noticed that things were different from when I last attended the event. No longer was the event free and a fence had been put up around the event. To my surprise, it seemed busier than before and the event was exactly how I remembered it.

When I first heard that there was going to be a fence I was a little bit disappointed. I did not like that the Celebration would no longer be a free event. However, once I understood why it was put up my opinion changed. The fence undoubtedly makes the event safer.

The Decatur Celebration is a family event and I think that families should feel safe attending the event with their children. The fence also did away with the food wristbands which made life difficult for food vendors, who can now sell their products to anyone at the event. This change should encourage those who attend the event to purchase food or drinks.

Lastly, because of the generated revenue from admission, I think in the next few years we will see more popular headliners perform at the event.I applaud event organizers and city council members for doing something to try to promote the longevity and quality of the Decatur Celebration.

Until a better solution presents itself, I think the fence is the best option to do both.

Mitch Cremer, Decatur

Pedestrian traffic needs city’s assistance

After several trips to city meetings in the past in regard to pedestrian traffic on Charles Street between Pershing Road and Running Red Boulevard, I’m stumped. With no sidewalks and narrow roadway, the handicapped are forced to run the gauntlet dodging school buses and cars, most of them speeding. I guess flower pots on light poles are more important than people.

Al Gardner, Decatur


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