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I am sick of the Democrats always bashing the Republicans for trying to protect our country. 

The Democrats want open borders and want every minority given more rights than our own citizens. They don't seem to care that some foreign people have paid money and have gone through all of the procedures to become citizens.

Why do we always have to cater to all of these immigrants?  If they want to come to our country and become citizens then follow the proper rules and procedures that are required. We can't help our own citizens and them.

People need to wake up. We cannot keep this up because they are getting jobs at lower wages and taking American jobs. We should not be spending money for these people to read forms in their language at all. Nor should we as Americans have to push buttons on phones to speak to someone in English. 

If you want to speak in another language, let them push buttons. This is primary English-speaking country. Minorities need to wake up. The Democrats have been using you for years, telling you what you want to hear for your votes and maybe follow through with tidbits of what you wanted them to do.

This is why I am leaning very hard toward being an independent voter. 

Paul W. Conlin II, Decatur

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