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I am so tired of hearing about Exhibit A: Hickory Point Mall. Let sleeping dogs lie. That took place back in the day.

Now, let's talk about more up-to-date development. Lets talk about Aldi. What kind of threat did they make to the city council, developers were looking at Forsyth if this rezoning didn't get passed. It has been two years now and where is the new Aldi now? They were in such a big hurry to start on this development. Nothing has happened yet.

The site of the former America Best Value Inn could become the home of a new Aldi, according to city records. The four-acre site adjacent to the Brettwood Village Shopping Center is zoned B3 planned shopping center district. Aldi proposed rezoning the site to B2 commercial district, which allows for a variety of uses that included retail.

According to the article in the Herald and Review on May 30, 2017, Aldi doesn't own the property, it is in a trust fund at Soy Capital Bank. Aldi planned on upgrades to 11 of their stores and that the company was still scouting for a site to build a new store.

Was there a threat that Chipotle would take their business to Forsyth to the city council? I guess they couldn't take a chance on that happening, is there a race between Decatur and Forsyth on who can get the most business to come to their area?

So the area of Ash Ave. and Route 51 was sold out to the developers. Not even knowing who is going to occupy this building besides Chipotle this rezoning was passed, what was the big hurry to get this settled and why wouldn't they tell us who is going to occupy this building, what's the big secret? 

Pamela Ambeau, Decatur


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