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Congressman Rodney Davis votes with Donald Trump more than 97 percent of the time. He voted with Trump to rob 23 million Americans of their healthcare. He voted to dismantle Dodd-Frank financial regulations that shield us from Wall Street abuses. He voted to repeal the Federal Commerce Commission’s Internet privacy protections that prevent Internet providers from selling our personal, private information. He voted to repeal the stream protection rule that keeps coal sludge out of our drinking water.

Where does rubber-stamp Rodney draw the line? Will he stand strong to protect us from Russia’s attack on our democracy?

What is Davis’s position on the Russian sanctions bill that sailed through the Senate 98-2 but stalled in the House? Where does he stand on revoking Jarod Kushner’s security clearance in light of outrageous omissions on Kushner’s security application? Does Davis see a problem with the June 2016 meeting between Trump campaign staff and Russian nationals to get dirt on the Clinton campaign?

After decades of GOP Red-baiting and saber rattling, why can’t Davis bring himself to speak up against Trump’s cozy relationship with the Kremlin? Davis has failed to confront Trump and his administration about the serious threat Russia poses to American democracy. This failure is the ultimate rubber stamp from a politician who seems incapable of meaningful leadership. 

June Leyerle, Champaign


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