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5 questions with ... Dalton Collins, financial representative at Northwestern Mutual
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5 questions | Dalton Collins, Northwestern Mutual

5 questions with ... Dalton Collins, financial representative at Northwestern Mutual

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Dalton Collins 5 questions

Name: Dalton Collins

Occupation: financial representative at Northwestern Mutual

Age: 23

City of residence: Decatur

What made you want to pursue a career at Northwestern Mutual and what is your average day there like?

I started Northwestern Mutual because I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to work with my boys Caleb Jump and Ben Cochran! It’s been an incredible opportunity for personal growth. And all I do is meet and help people with their finances. Building relationships is my favorite thing to do.

Tell us about "Cap's quote of the day" on your social media. Why do you like to post daily?

Cap’s Quote of the day is my way of bringing a little daily motivation and spice to the world. I’ve got to do it daily because I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from people saying that they look forward to the quotes and it’s a high point of their day. Knowing I can impact even a few people just by talking to my camera makes it extremely worth it.

As someone who's grown up in Decatur, what about the city have you grown to like?

The people man! Without a doubt, I love the people of Decatur. I know D-Town can get a bad rap, and some of the people here just want to get out, but I realize your happiness is up to you, not your location. I’m one of those “leave it better than you found it” guys, rather than “get me out of here.”

Congratulations on the recent engagement. What about the married life are you most and least excited about?

I couldn’t be more excited to be Kalli’s husband. I know that marriage will be difficult, but that’s what I’m looking forward to. We’re going to have to lean on each other and God to get through every struggle AND celebrate every victory. Her, me and God make up our triangle. That’s the only thing I want to be forever.

What role do you play in the fairly-new Discover Church and how do you hope to see it grow?

I’m one of the team leaders at Discover, and I’m just excited to see how much God can do through the church to bring back some hope to Decatur! It goes back to when I said I want to leave this place better than I found it. I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the building process of Discover.

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