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Illini Supply


111 Illini Drive
Forsyth, IL 62535
Fax: 217-877-6646
Last Updated: June 30, 2018




About Illini Supply

Throughout our 60+ years at Illini Supply, Inc., we've constantly sought new and ever evolving concepts and products to meet the furniture needs for our commercial and educational clients. With an underlying understanding of every client’s desire, we strive to balance adaptive, sustainable and ecologically responsible products and methods for ultimate value in a complete solution. We've aligned ourselves with vendors and contractors who follow these same principles. Our ultimate goal is total client satisfaction!

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Illini Supply




Space Planning/Design

Illini Supply offers complete space planning with an interior design department. Our interior designers utilize the most recent CAD technology. Team concept puts one sales, one management, and one design person at your disposal through the design process.

Product Specification

Illini Supply provides Commercial and Educational Furniture Experts. We will lend a hand to you with product selection that is functional, cost efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Illini Supply carefully selects suppliers and manufacturers based on quality, value, reliability, sustainability and customer service. Our philosophy is to insure your project is complete on time, and within your budget.

Certified Installation/Delivery

Illini Supply maintains a full-time staff of installers that are trained and certified by the manufacturers in correct and efficient installation techniques. We can provide the depth of services you need for your project with our on-site warehouse and fleet of service vehicles.

Project Management

Illini Supply’s team concept coordinates design, procurement, delivery and installation of your furniture solutions with all the elements involved in the total project regardless of size or nature. You as our client, are assured continuity throughout the entire process.

Customer Service

Illini Supply’s customer service staff insures accurate completion of your project and immediate response to any of your questions or needs.



Our Pledge

At Illini Supply we take our clients goals as our most important criteria and promise we will design, procure, install and service your products and spaces. We will not sell any product or service that is not in your best interest or does not meet the ultimate goal of your project. Your concerns, desires and needs are the first consideration when we undertake any project.



Illini Supply




Illini Supply has made a total commitment to sustainable, adaptive products and design methods. From the use of recycled materials by our manufacturers, to the eventual recyclability of our finished products and packaging. We have a partnership with Haworth, Inc., a leading manufacturer of ecologically correct office furniture, our goal is to create truly organic work spaces which address our clients’ concerns.


Illini Supply

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Throughout our 60+ years at Illini Supply, Inc., we've constantly sought new and ever evolving concepts and products to meet the furniture nee…

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