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We have a lot of questions about that title, too. Find out what the deal is with the Boston accent, plus Black Mirror's new trailer, an Aussie footballer saves a child, and #nationalchocolatechipday on today's 5 To Know!

Volkswagen's ad for Passat depicts a white American so happy with a Passat that he starts speaking in a Jamaican accent, much to the consternation of his co-workers. The company said it was trying to stress the optimistic nature of VW users and chose the Jamaican ad for showcasing that message in a funny, easy-to-understand manner.


Every parent knows just how much kids love drawing on the walls—and they probably have their own horror story of checking up on play time to find a marker mess to prove it. With a chalkboard wall, your kids can draw away without the messy cleanup. Here are two different ways to create a chalkboard wall.

Bob Jones, president of American Sale, said some of the Chicago-area retailer's furniture and pool business could be hit by tariffs expected t…


Large mirrors are a great way to make rooms feel larger, brighter, and more pulled together, but this is one décor item that can seriously eat into your budget. These big-impact mirrors—all under $150—will brighten up your space without draining your bank account.


As the temperature rises this month, so will our mood. Winter is nearly over and our home is ready to be renewed. It’s time to pack up our hibernation gear, tend to a few chores and reintroduce color, fresh air and nature indoors. Order these 10 home goods now to get them before spring officially arrives on March 20th.

Gold has long been associated with luxury and glamour. And it's currently one of the hottest and most utilized finishes in home decor. Gold or brass accents remain more popular than ever and can serve as the perfect complement to your existing decor. When looking for ways to incorporate gold accents into your home, here are some basic design rules to keep in mind.

This pack of rhinestones includes 1080 pieces of 3 mm, 840 pieces of 4 mm, 720 pieces of 5 mm, 660 pieces of 6 mm., 3300 pieces total!