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Just because you like to shop doesn’t mean you have to do so without a conscience. And consumers are demanding companies produce wares along those lines as well. Here’s to a year of being aware and being stylish. Global searches between 2018-2019 for the term “secondhand fashion” was up 38%, “low waste weddings” was up 235% and “thrifted home decor” up 308% compared to 2017-2018.

It used to be folks would be proud to say they lived in Illinois. What’s not to love – beautiful farms, busy factories, dynamic small towns, e…

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Congress' top Democrats said they hoped the photos would challenge the Trump administration's conscience while pressuring the president to ease his efforts to make it harder for people to enter the U.S. A top Republican said the photos should stir Congress to address the crisis on the border.

Every parent wants to raise a kid with a conscience — someone who’ll do the right thing even when no one is watching. But when the road to online integrity is riddled with cyberbullying, cellphone cheating, sexting and other risks, trusting your kid to be conscientious feels like a leap of faith. Here’s the good news: Studies show kids actually have a strong grasp of right and wrong as early as the toddler years, and parents have a huge influence on what kids learn about how to behave. The parenting you’ve been doing — role-modeling, keeping the lines of communication open and finding ways to instill the kinds of character traits you value — is an excellent foundation for raising a kid with a conscience, both online and off. You can make even more of an impact using the media and technology that your kid loves, such as YouTube, Netflix, Snapchat and Instagram, to model positive behavior and good judgment.

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