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Handy Man special located in great location. Quiet neighborhood nestled between Decatur and Taylorville. Features of this home include a large…

This carriage house is a hidden gem!! The adorable 2nd story living area has great views of the lake!! It is a very nice, comfortable and mana…


They say you can tell a lot about a person watching them interact with animals. I think this is true and was very evident in my life. My father loved animals — almost more than he loved people. I write a lot about my father in this column and other columns. He was a massive force in my life. He was a human, far from perfect, but one thing that can be said was that he was always trying to get better. He was always looking to improve, and he did so with an amazingly contagious happy attitude.

With fewer windows for sunlight and minimal insulation, garages can get very cold in the winter, discouraging tinkering and maintenance. The solution is a garage heater.

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“I promise you won’t miss the clothes and shoes you’re storing in the garage,” says Gordon. “These are the items that you don’t even have in your weekly outfit rotation, and if they haven’t been kept in an airtight container, they will require a lot of laundering to nix the garage fumes and dust.”

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While you’re clearing cans from old home-improvement projects, toss out old materials from DIY projects. “Almost every garage in America has a flimsy aluminum paint tray coated in house paint, with a matching roller in a crumpled grocery bag,” Gordon says. “As homeowners, we like to think we’re going to get more than one use out of our paint brushes, trays and other DIY tools, but it’s more likely we’ll forget and buy these items again anyway. The only reason to save otherwise disposable DIY tools would be if you have a project in mind that you plan to tackle soon.”

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“You’re not going to read these again,” says Gordon. “If they’ve been banished from the house to the garage, they need to go.” If you can’t part with all of them, allow yourself to keep a few special editions or issues. Donate or recycle the rest.

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