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Just like technology and fashion, cleaning best practices and household cleaning products change over time — thank goodness, right? Fortunately, we’re not all still hand-washing every piece of laundry. That’s not to say some tried-and-true originals aren’t still gems but naturally, over time, our cleaning techniques and solutions have gotten safer and more efficient. So, once we know better, we can do better. Here are some antiquated cleaning rules you should feel free to break.

The room in a home that’s the best target for mold and mildew to grow and thrive is a bathroom without good ventilation. You can prevent that by installing an exhaust fan that removes all the moisture through the wall and outside while preventing damage to nearby wood surfaces.

NORMAN, Oklahoma — James Nelson Buck, 92, of Norman, OK, formerly of Decatur, passed away Friday, June 4, 2021 at his residence.

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The 2021 Kia Soul is a strong choice in the extra-small SUV category thanks to its roomy interior and long list of standard features, but upgrading to the top-end Soul Turbo comes with even more benefits.

A riding lawn tractor is the ultimate way to cut, trim and manicure a large lawn; and to keep it working safely and at peak performance it requires regular maintenance. If you’re a grease monkey and enjoy working on engines and machinery, you can keep a lawn tractor in good running order. If not, get a regular tuneup by the manufacturer.

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We recommend taking a closer look at the recently reintroduced Land Rover Defender if you’re looking for a bit more luxury from your off-roader. Taking on off-road duties with a bit more finesse than most rivals, the Defender has sleek styling, a wide range of options and a comfortable interior not often found in the most rugged of vehicles.

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Arriving at dealers this summer, the Cross Turismo offers more cargo space than the standard Taycan, and will feature dual-motor all-wheel drive, a two-speed rear transmission, and Porsche adaptive air suspension. Performance matches the Taycan. Prices start at $90,900.

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Larger dogs with strong fetching urges will enjoy this iFetch machine, and their owners will enjoy watching the fun. Dogs can learn to load it, but the balls can jam unexpectedly. You can adjust the throwing distance on the nearly silent launcher, and get 250 tosses per full charge. It’s on the expensive side.

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The Santa Fe got a significant overhaul for 2021, giving it standout standard features for the class. Another familiar Hyundai highlight is exceptional warranty coverage — every Santa Fe comes standard with a 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain plan. Both engines are more powerful and have higher EPA-rated fuel economy than their 2020 counterparts. There’s also a new hybrid option.

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