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Food storage containers can prolong the life of leftovers, keep pests out of dry food, and help you organize your refrigerator, but a bad container lets in air and moisture, and leaves food spoiled. Here are 4 great containers to keep your kitchen organized.

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Dear Mr. Dad: My wife is due in about a month, and I’m already in a panic. We took a childbirth prep class, but I’m convinced that I won’t know what to do — or, worse still, that I’ll do something wrong — when labor starts. I’m wondering whether I should just step away and let the doctors and nurses do what they do. Your thoughts?

Your Instant Pot might have completely changed your dinner and meal prep game, but if you’re not careful it could also change the shape of your cabinets. If you store and use your Instant Pot under your upper cabinets, the steam could cause water damage and warping over time. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix—this Goldlion steam diverter.

Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa can wake you up in the morning, play whatever song you’re in the mood for, and tell you the weather, so it’s no surprise Alexa can help make the holidays less stressful too. If you’re juggling dozens of dishes in the kitchen this time of year, try these Alexa features to stay on top of holiday food prep.

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Eat healthy on a busy schedule with these reusable, durable, BPA-free meal containers!  Prepare, portion, and preserve healthy meals rather than eating expensive high-calorie fast foods on the go. 

Breakfast is more of a concept than a reality for many of us. Even those who do manage to grab a bite to eat on their way out of the door, it’s usually unsubstantial and mindlessly scarfed down during a mad rush to the car. It might mean waking up 10 minutes earlier, but you can turn a real sit-down breakfast into a need-to-have rather than a nice-to-have. Here are six bite-sized changes you can make to enjoy the beginning of every day a little more.

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