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36-year-old Paul Kalanithi was nearly finished with his neurosurgical residency when he found himself in a hospital room as someone needing treatment, rather than someone providing it, and receiving a devastating stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis.

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A dog finds his meaning through living with humans, allowing a perfectly symbiotic relationship to form. Through this beautiful story, readers learn that every being on our planet has a distinct purpose.

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I think it is unlikely that there’s a substantial difference. I mean, the typical type of a mask is the surgical mask. It’s not an N95 mask. One that has thick cloth, you know, can be equally as effective. We believe there may be some small differences between them, but the main purpose is that you prevent yourself from infecting others. Recent studies have shown that (wearing a mask) also has the good effect of partially protecting you. So it goes both ways.

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You can take advantage of losing stocks by selling them to offset other capital gains for tax purposes. Eric Bronnenkant, Betterment Head of Tax, explains that through tax-loss harvesting, his investment service is able to capture any existing losses to use against other gains one might have in a non-retirement account in any given year.

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Tom Brady decided to create a Twitter account for the sole purpose of trolling his fans. The only tweet on his new account so far:

Ripe for experimentation are the bedrooms and play areas for the kids. These screens in the boys' bedroom appear to eat up a good chunk of the thousands of wood slats, and they certainly reinforce the house as a laboratory. They may look frivolous, but I liken their presence to pre-litigation playgrounds; the purpose of the screens may be ambiguous, but they are a spur for the imagination and a welcome respite from the norm.

When it’s in your front yard, a fence is no longer just a fence — it becomes a key part of your home’s curb appeal. Though functionality is the highest priority in choosing a fence, aesthetics are important for fences out front. Make sure you select something that works with the rest of your home’s style.

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