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Sexual Harassment

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Tagliabue issued fines totaling $72,500 to the Patriots and three players in November 1990 for their role in a sexual-harassment charge by Boston Herald reporter Lisa Olson. Victor Kiam, the team owner at the time, said "he could not disagree with the players' actions," and he thought female reporters were intruding in the locker room. Olson settled her sexual harassment lawsuit against the Patriots, Kiam and several team employees in 1992. Kiam apologized to Olson after a women's group urged a boycott of his Remington company's products.

THUMBS UP! To continuing to honor the words and ideals of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. About 100 marchers took to Decatur streets Monday to…

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MINNEAPOLIS - Duchess Harris is on sabbatical. But that doesn't mean she's taking a break. The last time the Macalester College American Studies professor took leave from the classroom, she unearthed documents in NASA's archives showing her grandmother's role as one of the "hidden human computers" working at Langley Research Center. This time around, Harris is working on a series of books to ...

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CHICAGO (AP) — A former Miss America who is running for Illinois attorney general once said that many victims of sexual harassment believe what is said about them and "become very promiscuous," and that some young people who are called names such as "whore" or "slut" think: "That's what I want to be."

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What industries have the highest amount of sexual harassment claims? How does race, wage and employer factor? Our database looks at national claims from 2010 - September 2016. Search by one or multiple variables to learn more about where harassment occurs.

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