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You were Miss Chicago. You finished in the top 16 of Miss America. You've won more Primetime Emmys than any actor ever. Your career spans seve…

It was an innocent comment, made during the daily front-page planning meeting among Herald & Review editors.

1- The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which threw open its doors in 1995, can be found in a) Chicago b) New York c) Memphis d) Cleveland

The other day, a reader called in to say I had missed something in writing a recent Smarty Pants quiz on X-related subjects. She left a messag…

Murat Bernard Young is not a household name, but his work has charmed generations.

1 – Where is it that "You can get yourself clean, you can have a good meal,

Pardon me for being skeptical about the existence of a Yeti. Or Sasquatch. Or Bigfoot. Or any other incarnation of Abominable Snowman conjured…

1 – The common determinant of maleness in mammals.

So, old Yertle, he raised quite a fuss in that pond. But was he a representation of classic bullying behavior – or was he an allegory for Hitler?

Just to be clear: All the answers will have Y as first or last name or title. Enjoy.

Elizabeth is a name that has astounding staying power. Over the past 100 years, it's been one of the 25 most popular names. I wasn't aware it'…

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