Age: 52


Wife, Lisa, four children and five grandchildren.

Current position / responsibilities:

General manager, Refreshment Services Pepsi

What you like best about working or living in the community:

The people. Our community is made up of generally good, honest, hard-working people who are ready and willing to lend a hand. We band together when and where we are needed, whether it is a planned event or a crisis.

Why did you become so involved in the community:

This is my home. I was born and raised in Decatur, and I am fortunate to work for a family-owned company that values the communities where we do business.

What has been the greatest benefit you've realized from your community involvement:

Meeting like-minded people who are also involved in the community and the satisfaction of knowing that we are giving back and doing something good.

What would you tell others - especially young people - to encourage their involvement in community groups/activities?

Try it! Pick something you really care about, and find out what you can do to help or make a difference.

The person who has had the biggest influence on you and why:

My dad. He gave me values, work ethic and a sense of humor.

What you still hope to accomplish:

My daughter is getting married in May, and I am hoping to still have my sanity by the time it is over.

Your favorite stress reliever:


Quote to live by:

"The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall."


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