Age: 54


Wife, Peg Smith Luy, and son, Brett.

Current position/responsibilities:

Chairman for the Exercise Science and Sport Department at Millikin University. I direct curriculum, advising and learning activities for approximately 185 department majors and four learning areas - physical education, athletic training, health-fitness-recreation, and sport management. I also serve as the president of the Decatur Park District Board.

What you like best about working or living in the community:

The Decatur area offers great opportunities and strong values to families.

Why did you become so involved in the community:

My professional interests match the mission of the park district. I believe we engage education not only to receive professional benefits but also to contribute to our community.

What has been the greatest benefit you've realized from your community involvement:

Every event and every group in which I am involved with is a wonderful learning experience. I learn new perspectives and new ideas. I've learned we have many talented people in this community and each brings unique gifts that can benefit our community.

What would you tell others - especially young people - to encourage their involvement in community groups/activities?

We need you. Why not seize the opportunity to shape this community in the form you can embrace?

The person who has had the biggest influence on you and why:

Peg Luy. Every day she is a shining example that a person with commitment, compassion, passion, integrity and toughness can truly touch people and change lives. Her community involvement is immense.

What you still hope to accomplish:

Finish the planning and begin implementation of the lake development project. While some people in Decatur have doubts, I join many more people in the Decatur area who are ready for this community-changing project to begin. At Millikin, I want to continue developing our Exercise Science and Sport Department into one of the premier programs in exercise science and sport among small, private Midwest colleges.

Your favorite stress reliever:

Movies at the Avon Theatre

Quote to live by:

"Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved."


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