Perhaps the trickiest part of the pitch count rules -- at least in the regular season -- is working around the Saturday doubleheaders.

For some conferences like the Apollo, those are important conference games where ideally the best pitchers face off.

For games like the one between Altamont and Central A&M though, wins are always wanted but many coaches would rather make sure the conference games are better staffed.

The issue is playing competitive baseball for 14 innings without burning up the pitching staff. A couple weeks in, it's no clearer on the best way to juggle the pitch count and going all out for wins.

"We are flying by the seat of our pants with this one," Altamont coach Alan Whitt said. "It's funny because every time we've played a game, coaches get together and it's, "How are you doing this?' 'How are you handling this?'"

Altamont, like most teams and especially those in 1A, tried to prepare as best they could. Whitt said his assistant coach, Charlie Miller, has been busy grooming a new stable of pitchers.

"I tell you what. Over the winter, we had 15 or 16 kids in, starting to throw here, working on it," Whitt said. "We sat parents down and talked with the kids and said, you may not pitched much in the past, but you do have a body that can handle it."

"And we haven't figured out the magic combination -- I mean, we let Kaleb (Whitt) go. He had 89 today. We let (Alek) Biggs go to 90 last night. We also held Caden (Miller) in his first game under 70 or so. We haven't figured it out yet."

Chad Carroll said it hasn't affected the Raiders yet. He likes cycling plenty of players through the mound early in the year, so the rotation has been the same.

"I usually am cautious with our kids at the beginning of the year," Carroll said. "We kept our kids under 60 pitches so we could pitch them next week, but I'd probably keep that way anyway early in the year."

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