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Here's a list of all the members of the Decatur Public Schools Athletic Hall of Fame

Here's a list of all the members of the Decatur Public Schools Athletic Hall of Fame

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August 2016 class

Kenny Barnes (Stephen Decatur, 1962); Marsha Bond (MacArthur, 1980); Hubie Carter (Eisenhower, 1972); Wayne Dunning (Lakeview, 1979); Penny Hammel (MacArthur, 1979); Gay Kintner (Decatur High, coach); Bill Madlock (Eisenhower, 1960); Mark Malley (Stephen Decatur, 1969); Rudy Phillips (MacArthur, 1963); Lee Sentman Jr. (Decatur High, 1927); Deana Simmons (MacArthur, 1996); 1965 Lakeview football

January 2017 class

Merle Bourne Jr. (MacArthur, 1962); Tim Cruz (Lakeview, 1974); Bob "Chick" Doster (Decatur High, 1945); Ray Goodman (Lakeview, 1975); Bill Harbeck (MacArthur, coach); Dave Hood (Eisenhower, 1976); Jeff Innis (Eisenhower, 1980); Martha McCann (Eisenhower, 1983); Marcia Morey (MacArthur, 1971); Ken Park (Decatur High, 1936); Dave Scholz (Stephen Decatur, 1965); 1962 Stephen Decatur boys basketball

August 2017 class

John Alexander (Eisenhower, coach); Tarise Bryson (Stephen Decatur, 1997); George Eubanks (Eisenhower, 1960); Julie Foertsch (Stephen Decatur, 1986); Elizabeth Kampfe Plinske (MacArthur, 1995); Gwen Muex (Stephen Decatur, 1983); Robert Pittenger (Lakeview, 1967); Ray Rex (Stephen Decatur, 1936); Pete Scott (MacArthur, 1986); Dion Simmons (MacArthur, 1990); Roe Skidmore (Eisenhower, 1962); 1992 MacArthur boys track

January 2018 class

Tony Austin (Stephen Decatur, 1997); Ben Cooper (Stephen Decatur, 1966); Jerelene (Cummings) Ross (MacArthur, 1984); Amber (Creason) Jackson (Eisenhower, 1995); David Dakin (Lakeview, 1974); Jim Minton (MacArthur, 1982); Dawn Pitman (Eisenhower, 1986); Karen Roppa (MacArthur, 1966); Tim Smith (Eisenhower, 1979); Bill Wolfe (Lakeview, 1965)

Feb. 2018 special coaches class

Bob Witt, Ida Brooks, Jerry Curtis, Ray DeMoulin, Bob Matheson, Mike Rusk, Joe Russell, Jack Kenny

October 2018 class

Dante Ridgeway, MacArthur, 2002; Brit Miller, Eisenhower, 2005; Steve Phillips, MacArthur, 1979; Martha Downing, MacArthur, 1967; Joe Doolin, Lakeview, 1966; Dale Minick, Decatur, 1937; Reeni (McElyea) Letizia, Eisenhower, 1983; T.J. Jackson, Stephen Decatur, 1962; Pat Hamilton, Eisenhower, 1983; Terry Cook, Stephen Decatur, 1984. Gary Hunt, Lakeview wrestling coach; 1962 Eisenhower state championship baseball team

January 2019 class

K.C. Hammond-Diedrich (Eisenhower, Class of 1996), Cary Eller (Eisenhower, 1968), Lee Boyko (Eisenhower, 1963), Terra (Crutchfield-Tyus) Jones (MacArthur, 1992), Tim Littrell (MacArthur, 1977), Marcus Phillips (MacArthur, 1992), Lee Utt (Decatur, 1952), Aaron Holloway (Stephen Decatur, 1966), David Marques (Lakeview, 1972), Eddie Taylor (Lakeview, 1980), Rease Binger, Stephen Decatur basketball and track coach (1976-93). 1930-31 Decatur High state champion boys basketball team, 1935-36 Decatur High state champion boys basketball team, 1944-45 Decatur High state champion boys basketball team

October 2019 class

Jad Mason (MacArthur, Class of 1986), Ty Mason (MacArthur, 1987), Don Spain (Eisenhower, 1966), Michael Clevenger (MacArthur, 2012), James Wills (Lakeview, 1978), Mike Larson (Lakeview, 1972), Emily Price (Eisenhower, 2000), Raisa Taylor (Eisenhower, 2008), Greg Watchinski (Stephen Decatur, 1993), Paula Keller Holtman (Stephen Decatur, 1984), Mike Wilks (Eisenhower volleyball coach) and the 1986 MacArthur boys track and field team.

February 2020 class

Michael Phillips (MacArthur, Class of 1997), Jeff Roth (Eisenhower 1976), Perry Hines (Stephen Decatur, 1970), Richard Floyd (Lakeview, 1964), Latoya Johnson (Eisenhower, 1993), Crystal Zeigler (MacArthur, 2008), David Bond (MacArthur, 1984), Adam Hodges (Eisenhower, 1993), George "Butch" Smith (Decatur High, 1965), Stephanie (Spurlock) Fitzpatrick (Stephen Decatur, 1988), Greg Collingwood (Eisenhower cross country and track coach), and the 1985 MacArthur football team

Spring 2021 class

Moe Dampeer (MacArthur, Class of 2002), Al Lawson (MacArthur, 1985), Lindsay Martin (Eisenhower, 1997), Lexy Carson (MacArthur, 2011), Mike Nolan (Stephen Decatur, 1963), Adrian Walker (MacArthur, 2002), Harry "Rocky" Cook (Eisenhower, 1961), Leon Fonville (Eisenhower, 1969), Tim Cox (Lakeview, 1974), Kostaki Chiligiris (Stephen Decatur, 1994), Steve Smith (Eisenhower football, baseball and softball coach), the 1992 Eisenhower football team, J. Thomas McNamara (significant contributor, media), Scott Busboom (significant contributor, media)


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