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Central A&M head coach Todd Rork braces for a celebratory pile up as the Central A&M girls track team is announced the Class 1A state champions in 2013. Rork recently stepped down as coach of the girls team to focus on other endeavors.

MOWEAQUA -- Central A&M girls track coach Todd Rork, who led the Raiders to two Class 1A state track championships, has resigned his coaching position for the upcoming school year.

Rork recently submitted his letter of resignation to the Moweaqua School Board and the board will address the decision at an upcoming meeting on Aug . 19

A combination of factors prompted Rork to leave the position he has held since 2009-10. 

"Basically, it came down to my business, I have a barbecue business called Rork's Pork, and the addition of two more kids — now we've have four girls — and it just created a state of mediocrity for me where I was being pulled in so many directions," he said. "And that's something that I can't do consciously. When I make a commitment, I want to be able to give everything I can to that thing. And it was just very hard this year."

Rork, a former thrower at Shelbyville and Eastern Illinois University, led Central A&M to team state championships in 2011-12 and 2012-13. He was a five-time Herald & Review Girls Track Coach of the Year award winner in 2011-13 and 2015-16. Rork also teaches upper-level mathematics courses at Central A&M which he will continue to do. 

"I needed to move myself into the new role where maybe I can volunteer and work with all of the (track athletes) from sixth to 12th," Rork said. "I love track and it was something that has done so much for me but I wanted to be able to give it my best and try to do those things all at the same time. It just wasn't productive."

Although he's stepping away from head coaching, Rork will still support the team in a less defined capacity and he sees himself returning to head coaching in the future. 

"I definitely see myself at some point getting back into that capacity. Maybe once my kids are a little bit older," Rork said. "I told my (athletes), I'm technically resigning but really I am just changing roles. It's almost kind of like I'm changing from the teacher to the tutor. I don't have to plan everything and I get to just be the tutor and I can just pop around wherever I need to be to help everybody else."

The Raiders championship teams will stick with Rork long after his coaching days are over. 

"It's definitely a chapter of my life that I will never forget. It's just an experience that is special. And it's an experience that when you get together with the kids that that it happened with, it's just a special thing," he said. "You just can't explain it. Emotionally it just shocks you. You're seeing just the greatest things you've ever seen happen.

"The kids were fantastic and they responded to everything that I told them and they were all leaders. They were just gamers, you know, they knew how to turn it on and get it done."

Rork's wife, Vanessa Rork, will continue as the Raiders' volleyball coach next season and Todd Rork has been moved by the cooperative nature of the Central A&M athletic coaches. 

"One thing that I really like about my experience coaching (at Central A&M) is that all of the coaches here are really supportive of each other. I worked with Wayne Jordan (Central A&M's softball coach) quite a bit because we had to share athletes and he was always positive," Rork said. "I think the atmosphere has been really great within the coaches themselves. So that's something I've really been proud to be a part of at this school. Our coaching staff is really on the same page of what we need to be doing to help these kids get better."

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