Given the super Santa powers that keep the jolly old guy racing to the rescue each year, it would be fun to hand out gifts that would instantly ease the stress and strain of being an Illini fan.

Wearing the orange and blue is tough duty these days, unless your only interest is volleyball.

I’ve not seen figures to back up the theory, but I’m guessing sales of Illini athletic apparel was at an all-time low this Christmas season. I didn’t see anyone at the checkout line waiting to pay for their new Ayo Dosunmu sleeveless basketball top nor did I see anyone pulling out the credit card to get that new No. 2 Reggie Corbin football jersey.

That said, we march along and wait for the tide to turn.

As we approach the end of the calendar year, here are five unfulfilled wishes that would be nice to see Santa consider in the months ahead.


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