Jeremy Nichols (J24)

Jeremy Nichols

Hometown: Lovington

Age: 37

Family: Wife is Melissa, children are Dayton, Jace, Aiden, Kade and Carlie

Day job: Supervisor at ADM Renovations

Car and number: Monte Carlo SS, No. J24

Nickname: J-Smooth

How did your racing career start? A friend loaned me a race car and my brother built an engine for it. I was 17 years old when I started in a bomber that year. I won three heat races, but no features.

Racing history & accomplishments: Won his first feature in his first season of street stocks. Has won five Sportsman Nationals at the Illinois State Fair. Has more than 300 feature wins in his 20-year career.

Racing idol: Jeff Leka. I first started watching him as a kid while I was sitting in the stands. I thought he was really smooth and one of the best drivers of all time.

Who’s your biggest fan? My wife and kids are my biggest supporters and my biggest fans. Also my mom and Kathy.

TV show he never misses: Used to be Dukes of Hazard, now it's Street Outlaws

Favorite movie? Days of Thunder

Any hobbies in addition to racing? Spending time with family, building race cars and helping other drivers on setups.

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