YORBA LINDA, Calif -- Examine Richard Nixon's life from the cradle to the grave at the the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum. Come with me during a spring visit.

Born in Yorba Linda, Calif., on Jan. 9, 1913, Nixon was a lawyer and a naval officer in World War II before he became a politician.

See the house where Nixon grew up, sharing an upstairs bedroom with three brothers. Nixon's father built the house from a do-it-yourself kit.

See the exhibits and artifacts in Nixon's rise from congressman to senator to vice president and ultimately to become the 37th president of the United States in 1969.

See the side-by-side side graves of Nixon and his wide, Pat, located amid an extensive and beautiful garden.

The location is a nine-acre complex at 1801 Yorba Linda Boulevard in Yorba Linda, about a one-hour drive from Los Angeles. It's unique because the birthplace home and the gravesite are within steps.

The focus is on Nixon's personal life and on his accomplishments – the ending of the Vietnam War and reopening contact with China – rather than on the tumultuous Watergate days.

However, there are museum sections on Nixon's political defeats, on the Watergate scandal, on the presidential tapes and the resignation. Nixon was the only U.S. president to resign.

Other highlights include:

Life-size bronze statutes of world leaders grouped together, including Krushchev and DeGaulle

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The presidential limousine used by Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, Carter and Ford

The helicopter used by Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford. You can walk inside the helicopter.

A 12-foot high piece of the Berlin Wall.

A baseball section of presidents throwing out the first ball on opening day

An extensive foreign affairs gallery. Nixon specialized in interrnational diplomacy.

A re-creation of the East Room in the White House

A re-creation of Nixon's study

Campaign memorabilia

“Farewell Mr. President,” a new exhibit commemorating the 20th anniversary of Nixon's death and including artifacts and photographs.

More than 50,000 mourners waited in line to see the flag-draped casket after his death on April 22, 1994.

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