Excellent GayBob!

David Goebel, speak for yourself and the other blind sheep that believe what you just opined. Trump does not believe in the law. Just yesterday, Ann Coulter suggested he be charged with employing undocumented immigrants who worked at Mar-a-lago.

How do you say he believes in the l…

More feigned outrage by Bill Barr. How convenient as the court releases names of the predators involved with the trafficking of underage girls, Epstein is taken off suicide watch and then "commits suicide". Remember Kenneth Lay's "sudden death".

We the people no longer be…

Yet, he was on suicide watch and still manages to kill himself...hmmmm..sounds like top officials from both major parties came together to permanently shut the mouth of Epstein. This was likely a bipartisan hit job..but I say there is more to come, and victims are not going to be intimida…

In other words, because it was the selling of Obama's Senate seat, and James Comey was Director of the FBI, Trump wants to commute Blago's sentence.

This is law and order in the US now, under Trump. What a shame, and what a disgrace Trump is.

I will happily provide the ride back to the village where idiot Rand Paul has been listed as missing.

The world would be so much greater if people minded their own business when it came to what is defined by law. You are free to abstain from anything you despise or think is wrong, and you are entitled to accept or accept, but you are not entitled to infringe on the rights of others.

He is scum. Why didn't he at least, in return for sparing his pathetic life, tell the victim's family where her remains were disposed. Disgusting, subhuman. Nothing about him is human.

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