Come together

That PB is seriously bad buy in this case it saved more tax dollars. Good job.

Vote another crook in Chicago. Polls mean nothing. Ask Rotten Hillary.

Already a proven Democrat crook. Not to worry though. Seems Illinois loves those types. Prisons have been and still are full of em.

I remember the senseless killing well. I knew the parents of the Whitacre boy. We as citizens, should take back justice and save ourselves billions of tax payer money and start executing these types criminals.

Apparently, most Illinoisans don't care about high taxes which is evident in the current Governor race where polls show a Tax and Spend Democrat who's first mission, if elected, is to raise state taxes.

Now that he's in prison all these things are very important. There's one thing missing Blago - Money. To do what you want to do requires much of it and while I'm sure the Tax and Spend Dems would never have a problem raising more taxes - they would have a problem still paying for what the…

If this Pisker guy gets elected, in 4 years he'll be in prison just like his other Democratic Governor buddies. Your Taxes will be increased immediately. Of course those living off your taxes out number those paying in Illinois so it's no surprise why this guy might be leading in the polls.

Everyone can thank the current President of the USA and Governor of Illinois for that. If you elect that Democratic Crook currently lying and distorting Gov. Rauner's achievement's - you get what you deserve. Higher taxes, unemployment and companies running away from Illinois faster than r…

I long for the days when Decatur had leadership. an't remember that far back though.

I disagree, Decatur has been dead since the 50's and 60's but ou are close. It had it's sputters but now? It's a run down nightmare with a current employee of their biggest employ at the wheel pulling strings for them and whomever else will send money her to keep her there.