Unless the park district has plans to turn this back into a golf course, which it should be, quit calling all of these activities that are held there as Scovill Golf Course.

Kipper Nichols.

Maybe the Springfield Board of Education has legitimate concerns.

Mike Scholz, St. Teresa, played baseball there in the mid 70's.

Add Gregg Scott to that list; former MacArthur star played football there in the early 80's.

Bob Norton played LB at Illinois in the mid 70's. He was a St. Teresa graduate. Also, Roger Lowe and Craig Bundy were assistant coaches at Illinois.

Why would a college graduate want to be verbally abused daily, with the potential of physical abuse at any time, for virtually no pay, want to come to the Decatur public school system? Our society has created this problem, and until teachers can be given the power to discipline their classro…

He has served his sentence from his Super Bowl stupid decision; he belongs back at the University of Illinois. He loved the Illini, and they would be wise to bring him back into the fold.

Has there been any inquiries about having a private owner coming in and purchasing this gem from our park district? In my opinion, this is still the gem of the three public courses in Decatur.

Consider yourself lucky sweetheart; had someone died from your ignorance, you would be in for life,

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