It seems clear the people who are supposed to ensure the safety and welfare of vulnerable children, are quick to cover their butts, without taking responsibility. How many children under the court ordered protections of DCFS have been harmed or died? A few. That's a few too many.

Close the place down!

Too bad Trump has taken the honor and respect of the Presidency and trashed it. It's a wonder anyone shows this country respect.

DCFS should be held accountable as well. Why did they give this child back to the mother, and why was there no follow up, after the child was returned to the mother.
We have to make agencies accountable when it comes to children who are vulnerable.

The mother and her boyfriend are…

In other words, DCFS has a huge amount of blame in this death.

Consider the pain the victims family goes through everyday.

These young, unprepared for life, mothers and fathers killing their children because they can't handle the pressures of responsibility is all too common.

Babies cry, they are dependent upon their parents to care for them. when you choose to have a child, you give up a lot of yourself …

More like a senior citizens, has been, we haven't made a hit in 20 years roundup!

And while we're at it, we should change the name of the city to Buffettville. Why of course the new amphitheater should be named after the people who paid for it.
Decatur, bought and paid for by Howard Buffett.
Sounds like pay to play to me.

Hey Wendy, go for a big salary that you will get regardless of when you leave the post. Wrighton got one heck of a deal from the mayor and city council...get your share of the overflowing pot of gold.

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