I agree Captain.

He's out on bond? Unbelievable. A child was seriously injured, physically and emotionally, and this sexual deviant is free? Where is the justice?
God be with the young victim and his mother.

You're right Alan Morr, destroying someone's life for political gain is a terrible. Remember, when Bill Clinton was in office? Like Kavanaugh, he had a wife and he had a child. It looks like Hilary and Chelsea Clinton endured from those times, Kavanaugh will too.
There are consequence…

worked the crime scene until 3 a.m. Tuesday.

“It sounds like a good majority of the second-shift patrol officers, second shift adult detectives and Street Crimes (Unit) detectives as well as some third-shift officers, who were called in early to assist, were tied up on this for quite a…

From the group photo, Sullivan looks like the only person glad to be there. That smile and enthusiasm is perfect. Beckett seems more alert than the other 2 male candidates. Sullivan should lead the pack...her body language shows she's confident and eager and can get the job done!

A great choice and refreshing change for Decatur!

It is always the mother's first obligation to protect her children. This case allowed the mother to serve little time, and already she has remarried and had more children.
Amanda Hamm should still be in prison. She is just as guilty as her ex-boyfriend.

Why was this young girl out on the frightening streets of Decatur between 11 to 11:30 PM? I am glad she made it home alive, but, there is no reason for hr to have been out at the time of the night. Does Decatur not have curfew?

SeattleBen commented on Aide: Sen. John McCain dead at 81

I didn't always agree with his politics, but I admired him greatly, for his heroism, his candor and his love of country! Rest in peace John McCain!