How many DUIs has Hagemeyer had in his life time? How many as a police officer. This seems to be hypocritical that he should be able to enforce DUI citations when he has them also.

Who decides what recently arrested photo's are posted. Two people arrested for meth. were arrested in separate places around January 25 of this year. Only one photo is posted on one of the, he is from out of town. the other one from in Decatur is not posted. Why are some and others not? depe…

Discharging a firearm within city is a crime. Posts states no crime found, Not edited correctly.

I wonder if the vehicle broken into and gun stolen at the Civic Center was a police and/or city vehicle?

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Try to tear down or change a Historical House or Building and see what kind of opposition shows up. Plus legal action if you try to raise it or change it. Should stay the same on the 20 dollar bill.

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Steve Yeager

he is guilty

It is Sat. 21st at 3 pm and 1900 block of east clay has not be plowed either way. They are top of it. LOL

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Which non human employee programs the computer? LOL

LOL I don't believe it for a second.