Age: 63


Husband, Jim, daughter Kate Padberg and son Michael.

Current position/responsibilities:

Director for the Millikin's Center for Entrepreneurship and Coleman Foundation Professor of Entrepreneurship. Responsible for the outreach programs of the Center such as SCORE, First Step FastTrac business ownership education for the community and youth entrepreneurship initiatives. Responsible for the coordination and implementation of the academic major and minor in entrepreneurship, as well as teaching the capstone courses in entrepreneurship.

Why did you become so involved in the community:

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with talented, innovative and creative people who have great ideas and who are working hard to make their organizations and business ventures successful. Whether it is our students at Millikin or our entrepreneurial business community, there is nothing more rewarding than being able to add to their capacity to be successful.

What has been the greatest benefit you've realized from your community involvement:

Being able to work with people who are excellent thinkers and who are making a difference.

What would you tell others - especially young people - to encourage their involvement in community groups/activities?

You can't grow if you only see what is on your own screen. You can't improve, and you can't see how to improve the lives of others, if you are not engaged in some kind of activity beyond your own personal environment.

The person who has had the biggest influence on you and why:

My father had a profound influence on my life because of his ability to see how others enlarge and enrich our personal and professional lives. He always saw the potential in people and believed that knowledge and information would enable people to make good decisions. He believed in unconditional forgiveness and never carried a grudge.

What you still hope to accomplish:

Complete the endowment for the Center for Entrepreneurship.

Your favorite stress reliever:


Quote to live by:

Dream, Discover and Do.


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